About Us
Grand Momma’s Touch Catering / Mission Statement
Grand Momma’s Touch Catering is built on three basic philosophies. Quality, Exceptional Service and Community Goodwill. Our objective is to prepare and serve, the best quality foods possible, with efficiency; and the highest level of courtesy available.
Grand Momma’s Touch Catering, recognizes all customers, whether large or small, as a personal connection. Not by chance, but through fate. Thus, you are truly a customer for life.
Grand Momma’s Touch Catering, incorporates belief in strong community involvment. Without a unified community, our organization ceases to exist. Therefore, Grand Momma’s Touch Catering is solely committed to supporting it’s community physically, financially and spiritually
Mr. Michael A. Lawson / President
Administrative Offices:
119 S. Main St., Ste.500
Memphis, TN 38103

Monday-Friday: 9AM – 5PM